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Fleeky Bang drops album with guest stars galore

The Predator 2: FLEEKY SYNDROME doesn’t hold back

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 22 Jan 2024

Fleeky Bang first came on to the Korean Rap scene when he participated in Show Me The Money season 11. Although he didn’t win the grand prize, he captured the attention of listeners and the judges, and he has not looked back since.

Right after the series ended, he went on to release his first single, ‘Merry Drillstmas’ with Polodared, followed by an EP with H1ghr Music in April 2023, and a 11-track album entitled The Predator in August.

Fast forward to January 12, he dropped The Predator 2: FLEEKY SYNDROME, a 15-track album with guest stars galore. He enlisted the likes of Tray B, pH-1, LIL GIMCHI, Rosy Barbie, Royal 44, Uneducated Kid, Polodared, Oxynova, Khan, Coogie, The Quiett, Yumdda, BIG Naughty, and Gosegu on it. This makes for an absolute star-studded cast of collaborators.

However, one of the standout tracks from FLEEKY SYNDROME is a solo offering called ‘YEAH.’ In only two minutes, Fleeky shows why he’s not to be F’ed with as it’s impossible to not feel the energy.

Check out the video for Fleeky Bang’s ‘YEAH,’ and stream the full album The Predator 2: FLEEKY SYNDROME below.