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Lee Young Ji crowned as Mnet’s Show Me The Money 11’s champion

She is now the first-ever female MC to win the competition

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 5 Jan 2023

In July 2022, the South Korean TV channel Mnet announced that their popular Hip Hop survival contest Show Me The Money was arriving for its 11th iteration that year. The show became so popular that it crossed borders to Thailand and Vietnam where they hosted their very-own version of it, scouting for their next best MC.

On December 30, the final episode of the 11th season dropped, and we now know the winners of the program. Joining the likes of previous victors such as Loco, Soul Dive, Lil Boi, and Jo Gwang-il, is none other than Lee Young Ji. The female MC of course had great help, with Korean Hip Hop veteran Jay Park as part of her team of producers. As LiFTED mentioned in the Trends of 2023 article, females are the future and the future is now.

Not only is Lee Young Ji the first-ever female MC to win the contest, but she also takes home 100 million KRW, which roughly converts to $US80,000. During the contest’s final, she performed ‘HUG’ alongside Zion. T and Wonstien, as well as ‘Deja Vu’ with Jay Park and Slom.

Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji duked it out with three other contestants during the final, namely Huh Sung Hyun, Don Malik, and BLASE. In the end, BLASE finished fourth, Don Malik at third, and Huh Sung Hyun in second place.

Speaking of her victory, Lee Young Ji shared, “Throughout this season of Show Me The Money, I encountered so many talented rappers, and also tested my limits endlessly. I still don’t believe that I’ve reached my full potential. My journey is only beginning.”

At LiFTED, we’ll be keeping an eye on her journey, and we’re stoked to see what she brings out throughout the course of her rapping career. Everyone would get a taste of what’s to come from her though come January 15 when contestants and producers from the show will be touring around South Korea.

Watch Lee Young Ji’s performance of ‘Deja Vu’ from the finals here.