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The Korean MC rocked the globe this year

LiFTED | LiFTED StAFF | 3 Jul 2023

The LiFTED 50 List

The LiFTED 50 Number 1: DIVINE

The LiFTED 50 Number 2: Jay Park

The LiFTED 50 Number 3: YOUNGOHM

The rapper formerly known as Harry Park started putting out songs in 2016, made it that close to the final three in Show Me the Money 777 in 2018, and then needed a break. In August of 2022, pH-1 dropped back into the scene like a tsunami with ‘MR. BAD’ featuring Woo. Soon, he was putting out his album, But for Now, Leave Me Alone, and selling out his About Damn Time shows all over the globe.

It’s hard to have two Korean stars so close to the top of the LiFTED 50, especially when they are both on H1GHR Music, but the Jay Park formula is working for pH-1. He’s handsome, fashionable, got skills writing love songs, rocking the mic, and dancing, and he’s building a base of fanatics that may soon put him at the number one spot on this chart.