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POKEMINDSET & SpriteDer SPD make it rain with ‘YIKYIK’

It’s really easy to learn the YikYik

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 May 2022

Everyone likes a challenge, right? POKEMINDSET recently spent a month in the United States to recharge his batteries. When he came back, he put out ‘YIKYIK’ with SpriteDer SPD, a YouTuber with more than nine million subscribers. Yik means to twitch or to shake, so to do the YikYik challenge, all people need to do is shake shake shake that thing. Pretty simple, no?

‘YIKYIK’ is taking over. With more than five million views in two weeks, ‘YIKYIK’ succeeds because of its simplicity. Anyone can twitch when dancing. Anyone can shake it when tossing money on the ground. The ‘YIKYIK’ might be the easiest dance to do on TikTok yet!

In the wild video put out on the MINDSET MOB YouTube channel, POKEMINDSET and SpriteDer SPD pull up to a restaurant in their flashy cars, and then all mayhem breaks loose. As a big boss meeting is taking place, the two MCs start rapping around the table. They grab some food, toss some money in the air, and eventually push the guitarist out of the way to rap. As the first chorus hits, the hottest girl in the place can’t control herself and must get up to YikYik. Soon, more and more people are falling under the spell as SpriteDer SPD starts rapping. POKEMINDSET finishes off his third verse and the YikYik has spread to everyone who is shaking and twitching all over the place.

The humor and style of ‘YIKYIK’ really make it stand out in a crowded field of videos we’ve seen before. Both POKEMINDSET and SpriteDer SPD know they are superstars as they are making all of Thailand do the ‘YIKYIK.’

Check out POKEMINDSET featuring SpriteDer SPD ‘YIKYIK’ below.