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The LiFTED 50 Number 2: Jay Park

Even with a hint of retirement, Jay Park runs Asian Hip Hop

LiFTED | LiFTED StAFF | 26 Jun 2023

The LiFTED 50 List

The LiFTED 50 Number 1: DIVINE

Micheal Jordan didn’t win the MVP trophy every year he was in the league. LeBron James has been to 10 finals and only came home with the prize four times. Like MJ and LeBron combined, Jay Park has Asian Hip Hop GOAT status and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but sometimes others need some time in the spotlight to shine.

At the beginning of 2022, Jay hinted at retirement, but like another GOAT, Jay-Z, found out, quitting the thing you have been highly successful at for many years ain’t that easy. Jay has been handing out features left and right, rocking cyphers, turning it up at concerts, and doing his own thing like the highly-acclaimed Tiny [Home] Desk concert with a nine-piece band for NPR like he was an aspiring MC clawing his way into the industry instead of trying to get out. There may be a time when Jay Park retires, but it’s not happening soon as the mogul has the world eating out of his hands right now.