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Blase is joined by Coogie, Hash Swan & Woo for ‘Pop It’ remix on a boat

Boats make everything better

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Oct 2022

There’s just something about being on a boat that makes everything better. The air feels crisper. The music sounds a little smoother. And people seem to have more fun on boats. Take for example the ‘Pop It’ remix by Blase. When he released his 14-track album, Multrillverse, in June, ‘Pop It’ was the first single and sounded delightful to the ears then with Koonta adding an extra verse. For Blase’s latest Dingo Freestyle which premiered on October 14, ‘Pop It’ comes with more rapping from Coogie, Hash Swan, and Woo, for that extra touch of freshness. Plus, it’s shot live on a boat, so it’s automatically better.

The minimal sounds in the background of ‘Pop It’ are what gives it the Korean Drill flavor. There’s not much going on there, but that’s the point. The rappers shine over the beat and steal the show. Since it’s Blase’s song, he’s the big dog on it. Coogie and Woo are great, Hash Swan has a great name and voice, but ultimately, Blase pops it perfectly.

‘Pop It’ seems like a show closer. Right when you want to leave everyone in the crowd with a memorable ending, Blase puts on ‘Pop It’ and the crowd explodes. He lets whoever is in town that night rhyme with him and they punctuate the live show by popping it. This idea sounds even better than them rhyming on a boat.

Check out Blase’s ‘Pop It’ featuring Coogie, Hash Swan, and Woo on Dingo Freestyle below.