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Run-DMC to perform final concert in April at Madison Square Garden

This is the curtain call of a 40-year career

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Jan 2023

Run-DMC is finally calling it quits after a 40-year career. Often called the GOAT group, they definitely smashed in walls for Hip Hop to become the biggest genre of music around the globe. In April at Madison Square Garden, the two remaining members of Run-DMC, Rev Run and DMC, will do their final show and call it quits.

To say that Run-DMC was revolutionary in the field of Hip Hop wouldn’t be doing the pioneers justice. The three-man group, including DJ Jam Master Jay, was the first Hip Hop group on MTV when they broke into the mainstream with ‘Walk This Way,’ a cover of 1970’s band Aerosmith’s hit. The song got so big that just being with Run-DMC revitalized Aerosmith’s career and shot them back to superstardom in the 1980s and 1990s.

Another career-defining moment was when Run-DMC played at Madison Square Garden. They played their song ‘My Adidas’ and during that time, 40,000 people held up their shoes when asked by the group to do so. Soon, Adidas signed a multi-million dollar deal with Run-DMC, and Hip Hop fashion was born.

Unfortunately, DJ Jam Master Jay was gunned down in 2002, and Run DMC rarely performed together since. In an interview with Rock the Bells, DMC says that the April show at Madison Square Garden is their final show forever. They will be joined by the OG Ice T and local heroes Wu-Tang Clan. This will be the final piece of the documentary they are shooting and will be sold to Netflix or the highest bidder.