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lobonabeat!, Owen & BIG NAUGHTY breathe new life into pH-1’s ‘ROSETTA’ remix

The Korean trifecta doesn’t hold back

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 29 Dec 2023

Back in November, the South Korean MC, pH-1, dropped his latest EP with POP OFF. It featured six tracks with stellar features, namely, MILLI, oygli, P-Lo, DeVita, and CHIKA. One of the standout tracks from the EP is ‘ROSETTA’, a heater featuring MILLI.

A month on and the track has been given the remix treatment, featuring the likes of lobonabeat!, Owen, and BIG Naughty. pH-1 only takes on hook duties on the track, giving the three South Korean MCs’ verses to shine. lobonabeat! kicks it all off with the first verse, setting the energy and pace for the rest to follow.

Owen carries it on the second verse, while also opting for a bilingual approach of Korean and English for it. BIG Naughty closes the track off with what is arguably the best verse on the remix, employing multiple flows and different paces for his take. The three MCs breathe new life and energy into an already dope track, and it’s going to be sticking around on the airwaves for the new year.

Check out the official live clip of pH-1, lobonabeat!, Owen, and BIG Naughty’s remix of ‘ROSETTA’ below.