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Vietnam’s VSpliff turns ad-libs into a full song with ‘COUPE MODE’

The 3D animation from Under the Hood is incredible with this one

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Apr 2022

Ad-libs used to be the last thing added to Rap songs. After a track was finished, the engineer would ask the rapper or rappers to go back into the booth and yell some things on the mic over their verses to add emphasis to the tracks.

These complimentary yet sometimes abrasive parts of songs are having their moment in the sun now. Around the time that Migos blew up, ad-libs became the hottest thing in Hip Hop. With each member yelling “Skrrt” or “Racks” at the right time, it caused a lot of other rappers to really push their own ad-libs to another level. Rick Ross’ “Uhnh” is instantly recognizable, as is Pusha T’s “Yugh.” No one who listens to a DJ Khaled can miss it when he shouts “We the best” at the beginning, middle, and end of each track.

Vietnam’s VSpliff has taken ad-libs to a new level and built a whole song around them with ‘COUPE MODE.’ For the first minute of this Trapped out banger produced by Larria and Pineradise, VSpliff is just ad-libbing. He shouts out “Gimme That”, “I’m gonna”, and other random sayings for a long time before he starts to actually rap. It’s hot and a totally new way to do things. Instead of the ad-libs just putting shine onto the finished product, VSpliff builds the whole track around them. Even when he starts rapping, he keeps his ad-lib flow intact.

While building a track around ad-libs is cool, it’s the 3D technology that really shines on ‘COUPE MODE.’ A lot of people from Under the Hood and the Out of Nothing Project worked on the concept of the video as well as the animation and it shows. The visuals are so good that it begs the question if we even need rappers for videos anymore. VSpliff and his crew show up about two-thirds of the way through the video for the final scene and they get busy tossing money and flexing with some females.

For now, it was probably easier shooting the final scene with live actors. In a short time, Rap videos could all be done in 3D and not that many people would miss the real actors and actresses.

Check out VSpliff’s ‘COUPE MODE’ below.