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Sony Music’s latest project is a virtual performance space

The debut show stars Japan’s renowned rapper KEIJU

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 4 Mar 2022

Ever since the pandemic and the breakout of NFTs and the Metaverse, entertainment conglomerates have been heavily investing in the virtual world to expand their territories online. Sony Music is the latest to join the hype train, as they announced on March 3 they are launching a virtual performance space named ReVers3:x, pronounced as reverse cross.

ReVers3:x is described as a never-been-seen virtual experience brought together by Sony and originally produced with the cooperation of MomentTokyo, REZ&, huez, and others. Within the virtual space, audiences can watch short live videos of various artists’ performances while surrounded by stunning visual and virtual art pieces designed by young talent from OFBYFOR Tokyo.

To celebrate the launch of the project, Sony brought in renowned rapper Keiju from Japan. The rapper, a member of KANDYTOWN, gave a visually stunning performance. Unlike most of the virtual concerts we have seen recently which are completely rendered digitally, the ReVers3:x project took advantage of the Sony technology and built a digital hyperrealistic cyberpunk Tokyo around KEIJU, who performed in live-action. During the performance, KEIJU performed three songs: ‘Falling,’ ‘Tears,’ and ‘In My Eyez,’ which brought the house down as fans were stunned by the state-of-the-art visuals and the KEIJU’s stage presence.

The project ReVers3:x is planning to host more live shows, specifically with more Hip Hop artists starting in March. Hip Hop performances allow higher flexibility with visual set-ups compared to bands. While the schedule is yet to be released, we can guarantee that Asian Hip Hop is taking up a bigger place in the future of music.

You can check out KEIJU’s performance at ReVers3:x here.