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CYBER RUI & Lonestar Void trade flows on ‘Done Already?’

The duo is back at it once again

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 25 Jan 2024

Osaka’s CYBER RUI seemingly came out of nowhere back in 2021, when she independently released a five-track EP, TIME TO SHINE. Soon, she was on a fast track to stardom. In 2023, she dropped two more EPs and a 14-track album. On that record, she had a track, ‘Make U Hit’ with Lonestar Void, an American rapper. One listen and you’d hear the chemistry that oozes out of them. Now, coming into 2024, they have collaborated once again with ‘Done Already?’.

A smoky instrumental takes center stage on it, while CYBER RUI and Lonestar Void’s sonically manipulated rhymes dance around it. It’s a short but enticing listen. One play and you’re hooked, with clicking on the replay button seemingly becoming the only thing one would do to answer the question in the title.

Check out CYBER RUI and Lonestar Void’s ‘Done Already?’ down below.