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LiFTED NFT [002]: What are you waiting for?

LiFTED’s second cover NFT can be yours

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 6 May 2021

The NFT market is incredibly hot right now. It’s all over the news. It’s everywhere you look. But have you pulled the plug on owning your first NFT? You should because NFTs have the chance to increase in value and then your initial investment will go up...and up...and up.

We’re offering each LiFTED cover as an NFT. Bohan Phoenix was the first one. Now, it’s Mrs M’s turn.

Have you seen this amazing woman? She’s a superstar in Mongolia! She’s blowing up around the world. And now she’s working with one of the illest producers in the game, Harry Fraud.

If you read her cover story, listened to her podcast, or saw her featured with other Mongolian rappers and want to own a small piece of history, go to Opensea and put down 5 Ethereums on the Mrs M cover. It ain’t cheap, but then how can you put a price on history?

The cover image is a B&W portrait of Mongolian rapper Mrs M and you can own the NFT of it.