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E.So heads to the jungle for the eye-catching ‘Way Up’

The tribal rhythms are strong with this one

LiFTED | Marcus Auelius | 27 Dec 2021

When you can claim the throne as the biggest rapper in Taiwan, you have to do something eye-catching when you have new songs out. This is exactly what E.So did for ‘Way Up,’ a dramatic romp through a Central American jungle with enough CGI to rival any Jurassic Park movie.

‘Way Up’ starts with chanting and a rock-style intro over huge tribal drums. As soon as E.So begins rapping double time, it’s really impressive. He spits hot fire about bringing his group, MJ116, out in 2006 and how hard it was to get people to play his music in the beginning. This is not so anymore because anything any of the members of MJ116 do goes straight to the top of the charts.

Halfway through ‘Way Up,’ the beat changes and it’s even fresher than the first one. It still has a tribal vibe, but it’s a bit more personal and low-key. E.So slows down his raps but they are just as potent.

The video for ‘Way Up’ is remarkable in its grandiosity. E.So starts off explaining money to kids and telling them about the Earth. Then, he ends up in a Central American jungle on an off-road vehicle chasing what looks like an amalgamation of wooly mammoths and triceratops. E.So raps half the video without a shirt on, making sure everyone knows why he’s a huge sex symbol and marketing genius.

The difference between other rappers and E.So is that he’s the only one who could make something as impressive as ‘Way Up.’

Check out E.So’s ‘Way Up’ below.