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RAMENGVRL’s latest is a remix of viral TikTok track

A refreshing love track seasoned with spice

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 24 Dec 2021

If you are RAMENGRVL stans like we here at LiFTED are, you already know the Indonesian MC is wildly active on TikTok, the social media platform that has taken Gen Z by storm. But her creativity is not only shown via her funny makeup tutorial videos, as her latest release is a remix version of ‘This is What Falling In Love Feels Like.’

Performed by US singer/songwriter JVKE, ‘This Is What Falling In Love Feels Like’ first gained attention on TikTok when it debuted in September of 2021. It soon rose in popularity and has amassed over 38 million plays and counting on streaming platforms. We were all curious how RAMENGVRL, the feisty girl boss was going to blend into this mellow and bubbly R&B track, but like hot sauce on Mac and Cheese, it surprisingly works.

RAMENGVRL starts out strong with a couple of supporting chants, and she goes all in after the catchy hook with a brand new verse that emphasizes the blissfulness of getting into a new relationship. Lyrics like “Can you stop with the eyes/It be blinding me/Make sure that we don’t/Get lust and pleasure mixed” sums up the exhilaration and the uncertainties accurately while RAMENGVRL’s cheekiness still shines through the romantic vibe.

RAMENGVRL has done dozens of collaborations with various artists over the years, but this is the first time we see her taking a soft song for a spin. Now we are anticipating a potential love song compilation from her.

Check out RAMENGVRL’s remix of ‘This Is What Falling In Love Feels Like’ by JVKE below.