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Gummy B is rising ‘Day by Day’ in Taiwan

Winning the hearts & minds of OGs with his first album ANTAI

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 28 Apr 2022

Hip Hop music has flourished in Taiwan recently, but multifaceted rappers who can also compose, arrange, produce and mix are still rare. Coming from NTU Hip Hop [a Taiwan University student group], Gummy B uses his strong musical background to flex his creativity on his first full-length album ANTAI [tranquility in English]. Since its release in March, the album has been highly praised and shared by Taiwan’s Rap OGs like Leo 王, Dwagie, and PoeTeK, proving that he’s stamped as a rising star of the Taiwanese Hip Hop game.

ANTAI has 12 original tracks and stems from Gummy’s experiences as a Gen Z Taipei kid. His inspiration was drawn from daily life as a modern urbanite, including the voices of taxi drivers, Siri weather reports, and other sounds from the city. His rhymes convey his emotions, feelings, and perspective on creation in detail while maintaining an attitude of rebellion and self-realization.

From the album’s cover and title, you can tell the vibe is silky smooth, and the track is built on a juicy Philly Soul sample. It’s like a slow jam that gets energized by his big kicks and Trappy hi-hats, plus some breakneck bars from all the MCs involved. Gummy often makes fun of his laziness and sloppiness, keeping it real while embracing his talents and strength and aiming to surpass himself. As he rhymes, ‘I’ve been doin’ this shit day by day. Comin’ back to Taipei with glory.’

‘Day By Day,’ features nine rappers in the cypher, and their youthful energy is evident from bar one. With a positive message and a stone-cold groove, Gummy B is set to win.

Check out Gummy B’s ‘Day by Day’ as well as his album ANTAI below.