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1,200-plus aspiring Hip Hop artists apply to be on Taiwan’s The Rappers

With the gigantic push by MTV, Hip Hop has a chance to show the public its skills

LiFTED | Marcus | 18 Feb 2021

The Rappers<<大嘻哈時>>, Taiwan’s big, blinged-out upcoming reality show on MTV received more than 1,200 applications in the 30 days since it was announced on January 14.

Hosted by J. Sheon, and with mentors Dwagie, Leo Wang, PoeTek, and Razor Chiang, The Rappers is causing quite a stir in the Hip Hop community. Even though lips have been sealed about what the show plans to do or who the show plans to feature, an announcement on contestants in Kaohsiung will happen on February 21 and in Taipei on February 28.

As promotion for the show, The Rappers has been doing a YouTube series where they interview OGs of the Taiwan Hip Hop scene. The first interview is with Dwagie, who was the first person to record a full Hip Hop album in Chinese. Also, Dwagie has done songs with the Dali Lama, Nas, and Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan. Others featured in the interviews include DJ Chicano, the first Hip Hop DJ in Taiwan, Mr. Skin, ILL MO, YZ and more.

Will The Rappers follow down the same path as The Rap of China <<中國新說唱>> did a few years back and make a few superstars along the way? At the moment it’s too early to tell, but there is no doubt LiFTED will be with The Rappers the whole season to see what it's about.