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PRADAA is here to show that she’s a boss in ‘Sorry Naa’

The former beauty queen releases her first official single on Def Jam Thailand

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Feb 2022

The one big lesson learned from all of these reality Hip Hop shows in Asia is that there is always more than one big winner. In fact, many of the MCs who place in the top five or 10 have gone on to bigger and better things than the overall champion. Some people may consider these shows cheesy, fake, or even fixed, but there is no denying that being on a show like this gets contestants in front of eyeballs, and record companies are watching.

Take PRADAA, who is releasing her first official single ‘Sorry Naa’ on Def Jam Thailand today, for example. On Thailand’s Show Me the Money 2, the former beauty queen contestant didn’t win the overall show, yet she got a lot out of being on Show Me the Money 2 because she was the only female rapper to make it to the top 10. Her most memorable performance was when she had to battle the eventual winner, K.AGLET, who was known as a lyrical assassin. While the underdog didn’t come out on top that time, PRADAA had enough mind-boggling lyrics to get the whole country saying that she was definitely up next.

Next is right now.

PRADAA just dropped ‘Sorry Naa’ and is pushing her way to the front of the line with fierce raps that empower the ladies. She shows that the haters don’t matter because they ain’t got nothing on her. In the video, PRADAA dons a bedazzled ski mask and does what she wants when her crew of scantily-clad ladies robs a mansion because she can. Is she sorry? Hell naa.

In the press release, she said, “This one is for my ladies! I can’t wait to see my fellow ladies rocking out to this track. Sometimes we feel unworthy and insecure, I wanted to let go of all that self-doubt when I was writing ‘Sorry Naa’.”

With a TikTok challenge and PRADAA’s hype growing by the day, ‘Sorry Naa’ has the potential to become a summer jam just as the weather starts getting warmer.

Check out PRADAA’s ‘Sorry Naa’ below.