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The Rap of China is back for 2022

The all-star season starts next summer

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Oct 2021

As soon as the Generation Z Hip Hop Project ended on iQIYI on October 15, a big announcement happened. The Rap of China, which was supposedly on ice, is now going to be back in the summer of 2022. That’s only half of it. It’s an all-star season with former champs and popular contestants coming back to give it all so they have to blow up even further.

From the news, it seems that big names like GAI, 楊和蘇, 歐陽靖, 艾福杰尼, Jony J, 艾熱, 王以太, 黃旭, and more will be back on stage. This time, there will be three teams: the northern league, the southwestern league, and the southeastern league.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. How will these teams turn out? Who will the mentors be? And of course, the biggest question is what happens to Kris Wu’s spot? Will this even be brought up or just swept under the carpet?

We’ll all find out in the upcoming months!