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Who will be number 1 on The LiFTED 50 for 2024?

This is the third year LiFTED has chosen the best Asian Hip Hop MCs

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jun 2024

Year one was pretty easy - Jay Park. He’s the OG’s OG and really could be named number one every year for the amount of time and effort he’s put into building Asian Hip Hop over the past decade. Year two was DIVINE. Coming off his best album yet and a US trip/tour that had him attending big events like the Grammys and Nas’ birthday party, DIVINE was head and shoulder above the crowded pack in 2023.

In 2024, things are a bit different. The music scene is always evolving and new people, crews, and countries making big moves. Some MCs that were high on the lists before are now slowly going down as their careers are moving in new directions. That’s what makes doing The LiFTED 50 so exciting.

This June, LiFTED presents The LiFTED 50 part 3, out on June 18.

Who is your number 1 MC from the past year? Let us know who your favorite MC is on our Instagram.