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‘Rise n Fight’ is a vibrant battle anthem for mobile gamers

Vietnam’s QNT, RPT Orijinn, RZ Mas, Gừng, & Wxrdie get to unload their swag on the bouncy track

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 19 Jul 2021

Southeast Asia is a battleground for tech companies as mobile games are dominating younger demographics. To promote their new character release for the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena [MOBA] game Arena of Valour, Garena Vietnam gathered five emerging rappers for a Trap banger ‘Rise n Fight.’

Produced by RPT PhongKhin, ‘Rise n Fight’ got the rappers - QNT, RPT Orijinn, RZ Mas, Gừng, and Wxrdie - to play each role from the game while rapping their verse. RPT Orijinn, the Rap of Vietnam star leads off with a voracious verse while portraying the role of AD carry, the one who deals out all the damage in MOBA games. This sets the tone for another Rap of Vietnam star, RZ Mas, who delivers his tight bars with a blustering attitude as he brags about being the ‘A-Team.’

QNT, the viral-streamer-turned-rapper who has built a name with his hilarious gaming videos, dubbs himself the ‘Mage King’ as he spits bars on his popularity and how he could crush his enemy with his overwhelmingly successful career. ‘The temperature went up a few degrees/That's the heat I created/The water magicians, as soon as they saw him, they had to evaporate’ is a line not many people could use, but QNT nailed it in style.

While Gừng might be the youngest rapper among the five, he obviously can drop bars as well as the others. Gừng’s lyrics are brutal yet filled with humorous jabs, proving once again he is constantly evolving since the last video he was featured in ‘LANE NÀO "BÁ" NHẤT?’

Being the one to conclude a posse cut can be challenging, yet Wrxdie wraps things up with ease by bouncing off the catchy beat while flexing his gaming skills.

The music video for ‘Rise n Fight’ is vibrantly animated with trippy visuals as the five rappers take turns unloading their swag. Between the surreal environment of animation and vivid colorful tennis court, there is no way you won’t be bobbing your head to the infectious ‘Rise n Fight.’

Check out ‘Rise n Fight’ by QNT, RPT Orijinn, RZ Mas, Gừng and Wxrdie below.