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SpideyBoy joins Rapital to pump up the Hip Hop spirit with ‘UầYYY’

The Hanoi-based Hip Hop crew goes wild on a beat by PhongKhin

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Jun 2021

In a lot of places in Asia, Hip Hop is being candy-coated by corporations who only smell dollars and don’t care about the culture. But then comes Vietnamese Hip Hop, which is really raw and popping off.

The Rapital crew from Hanoi, which includes eight MCs, three producers, and a handful of media and design people, have captured the Hip Hop spirit with ‘UầYYY,’ a video that already has more than two million views. Rapital has been doing their things for three years, and they aim to spread positive energy and love to those who have a passion for Hip Hop music.

In ‘UầYYY,’ the MCs start off worshiping money in a business scene and then switch back and forth between to a posse-ed out street corner. MCK, hot off of last year’s Rap Viet, sets the tone by going off first. He’s followed by JasonDilla, who’s always bringing the liquor to the meeting. Orijinn, LAKE, and Duke are next and then because sometimes eight MCs is not enough, Rapital invited SpideyBoy to jump on the track. Finally, TC, Groovy, and GONZO finish it up and viewers are left in awe. Or should we say ‘UầYYY.’

Check out Rapital and SpideyBoy’s ‘UầYYY’ below.