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70K’s rave for robots promises unconventional absurdity in Saigon

It's future

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Apr 2021

What do astronaut Hip Hoppers, robot assassins having a beef shootout, a gin truck fancied up like a UFO, and Vietnamese amputees have in common? While this may sound like one of the most cringe-inducing jokes of all time, the actual answer is 70K. It’s future.

To build hype and launch a new Hip Hop record label in Vietnam, 70K is taking over the Hoa Tay event space in a rundown industrial neighborhood and turning it into an out of this world celebration that only 50 people can attend. The event features the Gerdnang rap crew dressed up as astronauts from their video ‘Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng’, Tri Minh, Nodey, UncleBOO as well as DJs Levi Oi and Ling:Chi and VJ Crazy Monkey. There will be a gin truck outside that doubles as a UFO, and Candi Shop performers will be outer space assassins shooting meat into the audience during the show. Vulcan Augmetics, a company that makes robot arms for amputees will be in attendance with some brand ambassadors.

So WTF is 70K? The full answer is, “It’s future.” The story behind it is that 70K was doing a photoshoot with one of Vietnam’s OG rappers, Robe, and he said those two beautiful words and now it’s 70K’s tagline.

To see the future, make sure and head to Hoa Tay tonight. Make sure and bring a spacesuit.