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KAWS: HOLIDAY hot-air balloon pilot gets NIGO-designed jumpsuit

Companion hits the skies in Melbourne

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Dec 2022

High in the skies, KAWS is back. The graffiti artist turned colossal sculpture maker is wowing people again. His character, Companion, is now a hot-air balloon and it is floating over the Yarra River in downtown Melbourne, Australia near buildings and skyscrapers. If that wasn’t enough flyness for one happening, the people who pilot Companion around Melbourne are wearing jumpsuits that Japanese streetwear legend and all-around amazing individual NIGO designed.


At its ninth global stop, including stints in Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, the UK, Outerspace, China, Japan, and Hong Kong, KAWS is reimagining a way to bring art and delight to people around the world. His Companion hot-air balloon is one of the biggest in the world, measuring 42 meters in height. Partnering with the National Gallery of Victoria, AllRightsReserved is helping Companion take flight in Australia. While the hot-air sculpture was shown in rural UK in 2021, this is the first time it is in a modern-day metropolitan area. In a press release, the founder of AllRightsReserved, SK Lam said, “After the journey from land to sea and space, we are excited to take Companion to the skies again.”


Melbourne is one of the few major cities that allows hot-air balloon flights within its borders. With modern skyscrapers and Victorian-era buildings side by side, seeing Companion floating in the sky with a sunrise behind it is a site to behold for anyone.

NIGO Jumpsuits

To surprise KAWS for Companion’s ninth journey, AllRightsReserved had NIGO design a jumpsuit first worn by the pilot and his ground crew. The piece has a Human Made label and says KAWS:HOLIDAY on the back.