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Twopee Southside takes Thailand trapping to the next level with ‘LIT’

The blazing single rolls out the red carpet for KH & FIIXD

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 19 Sep 2021

The Rapper Thailand judge and veteran MC Twopee Southside just released his second single of the year. Titled ‘LIT,’ Twopee has also recruited fellow rappers KH and FIIXD to tag along for the ride.

‘LIT’ takes Thailand trapping to the next level with a cadence and hook that borrows from the Dirty South, but Twopee definitely makes it his own. He spits his staccato bars with fire and confidence, flexing on anyone who has ever doubted him. Local Rap legend FIIXD lights up his verse with an arrogant yet accurate reminder, ‘Now we on top of the pyramid.’ KH, who also produced and arranged the track, wraps up the swag-fest by dissing the competition as ‘babies in diapers.’

Thai Hip Hop has really transformed itself in the past few years, and it’s no coincidence that this comes from the Thaitanium camp - the true OG’s of that scene.

Twopee goes full male fantasy Trap house with the video for ‘LIT.’ The crew chill in their underground lair counting cash, polishing their guns and swords, and playing cards while scantily-clad sexbots serve them high-end drinks and gourmet steaks. Twopee also released a behind-the-scenes video on his channel featuring the recording session and some rehearsal footage and teased that his upcoming album will be coming soon.

Watch Twopee Southside’s ‘LIT’ featuring KH and FIIXD below.