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Win Carnaby Fair swag from the SUB[X]TURE multimedia showcase on LiFTED’s IG

Win a DADDYBOY® 2022 towel and a Freakjesus NFT celebrating Ser Wong Fun

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 7 Sep 2022

Hong Kong’s creative collective Carnaby Fair has brought the glamor of pop art, graffiti, and art installation to K11 Art Mall this summer. Titled SUB[X]TURE, the indoor exhibition showcases a variety of Hong Kong subcultures inspired by chaotic streets and dimly lit alleys with graffiti maestro The Plumber King, metaverse street artist DADDYBOY®, pop-culture-inspired artist Ernest Chang, illustrator SIUKINS, neon light artist Polly Chan, and seasoned comic book artist Elphonso Lam.


The exhibition comprises two parts. The first anchors the street culture element as an entry point where artist Ernest Chang creates a visual art installation, coffee, and music. He fuses bold pop art prints with anime characters plus imprints of street advertisements, adding hints of rebelliousness to beloved pop culture characters. The Plumber King handwrites his signature plumber advertisements on everyday packing materials, as well as wet floor signs and a scooter, as a tribute to the often forgotten working class. As always, his work threads the fine line between classic calligraphy and street art.

The Plumber King

The second part of the exhibition reconstructs Hong Kong's visual culture, blending the old with the new. Metaverse street artist DADDYBOY® built a cyberpunk gaming space, reconstructing our childhood memories through video games. Illustrator SIUKINS designs a new image for the historical restaurant Ser Wong Fun [蛇王芬] telling the stories of the old Hong Kong through a psychedelic lens. Comic artist Elphonso Lam incorporates well-known characters and footage from Hong Kong comedies into his illustrations, bringing the audience back to the era of “uncensored humor”. Polly Chan, the founder of Neonlite, imitates traditional formats of neon signs with her own artistry as she creates buzzy light signs using popular Cantonese slang and casting new light on the common Cantonese language.


In addition to the exhibition, Carnaby Fair has also enlisted local music group Good Kid Bad Student for a late afternoon electronic party every weekend. Catching on to the crypto craze, Carnaby Fair also collaborated with The MetaArt Club to launch an exclusive collection of NFT artwork incorporating the SUB[X]TURE elements.

The exhibition is live through September 18, 2022, in K11 Art Mall.


Win Carnaby Fair swag from the SUB[X]TURE multimedia showcase

Carnaby Fair is teaming up with LiFTED for a giveaway* including 10 SUB[X]TURE Exclusive DADDYBOY® 2022 TOWEL [retail price HK$250] plus a free NFT created by concept artist Freakjesus in celebration of time-honored restaurant Ser Wong Fun. *Must be picked up at SUB[X]TURE in Hong Kong before September 18

All you have to do is follow LiFTED’s Instagram and tag a friend on the SUB[X]TURE post. Ten winners will be selected before September 15 so act fast.

*Must be picked up at SUB[X]TURE in Hong Kong before September 18