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Carnaby Fair & The Stallery celebrate Hong Kong’s Sub9ture

The exhibition runs from now until February 13

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 22 Nov 2021

Hong Kong may be known as an international financial hub, but the city is experiencing a new creative uprising. Canary Fair, a local cap wear brand, is partnering with The Stallery, an independent gallery, to present the city’s first ‘CAP-ART’ exhibition. Titled Sub9ture, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the rarely-explored subcultures of Hong Kong such as graffiti, visual arts, and street fashion.

Graffiti and visual art are in the spotlight of the exhibition, as they managed to recruit the legendary Plumber King [渠王] as well as esteemed graffiti artist BOMS. Both graffiti icons are known to use Hong Kong’s walls to express their artistic perspectives. Street arts aside, the exhibition also features an array of talent including tattoo artist Cynthia Omi, Avante Garde drag artist MUSCHI, illustrator 丁月金日子 [Son of Fire Month and Metal Day], producer and animator DaddyBoy®, and artist/The Stallery Owner Ernest Chang.

The collaborative elements extend beyond the artists, as Sub9ulture showcases digital installations, large-scale displays, and interactive experiences, with all artists involved collaborating with Carnaby Fair to imprint their signatures onto caps and T-shirts. To cater to international audiences, they are also offering limited NFTs on Refinable so you can flex on Twitter among your crypto bros if that’s your thing.

The Stallery is in a reserved neighborhood in Wan Chai. To attract eyeballs, a massive mural painted by The Plumber King and BOMS will be displayed outside the gallery to celebrate the cross-generational partnerships. All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to V Cycle, a Hong Kong social enterprise that supports poverty alleviation and COVID-19 stress relief.

Carnaby Fair X The Stallery’s Sub9ulture exhibition is now open until February 13, 2022. Check out Carnaby Fair’s Instagram here and The Stallery’s Instagram here for more info.