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Carnaby Fair & LiFTED Asia are teaming up for a giveaway

New year, new wardrobe

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 10 Jan 2022

Looking for some new accessories to add to your wardrobe for the new year? LiFTED has the right apparel for you. To start off 2022 strong, LiFTED is teaming up with Hong Kong-based cap wear brand Carnaby Fair for a five-day giveaway!

Launched in 2016, Carnaby Fair has been actively cultivating its unique style with street-inspired aesthetics. Over the past five years, Carnaby Fair has collaborated with countless parties to bridge local youth culture while bringing quality headwear to everyone. Their latest addition is an extensive collaboration among Hong Kong’s street artists, tattoo artists, animators, drag performers, and illustrators, each bringing their own style to the accessible cap that transcends the contemporary subcultures with sharp and clever designs.

With LiFTED, Carnaby Fair is giving out three caps and two T-shirts from their latest ‘SUB9TURE’ collection. Starting from Monday [January 10], we will be posting one selected item on LiFTED’s Instagram for the following week. If you are interested in winning the item, follow the instructions below:

  1. Like our Carnaby Gair giveaway posts on IG.

  2. Follow LiFTEDAsia and Carnaby Fair on Instagram

  3. Tag three friends in the comments section of each item you would like to win

We will announce the winners on LiFTED’s Instagram on Sunday [January 16]. Good luck and spread the word!

Disclaimer: Five unique winners for this giveaway will be selected and contacted on January 16. To be considered for entry, you must complete all of the mentioned steps, and the three friends you tag must follow your Instagram account. While you may enter as many times as you want, you will only be allotted one prize.