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Recognize Studio’s Felix Huang to launch crypto-powered platform RepubliK

The aim is to shift value back to creators

LiFTED | Winston West | 19 Sep 2021

Singapore may not be a big place. With a population of just under six million, the island-nation is dwarfed in size compared to its neighbors of Malaysia and Indonesia. The small nation does boast a rich Hip Hop history and community, and within that community, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone not familiar with Felix Huang. Felix got a rep as the leader of the pioneering Radikal Forze, Singapore's pioneer Bboy crew, making a global name for themselves in competitions and circles around the globe.

Felix eventually transitioned this recognition into the wider scope of the urban dance community, founding Recognize Studios and the Radikal Forze Jam Hip-Hop Festival, the latter attracting thousands of dance tourists to Singapore on an annual basis. The list of attendees, performers, competitors, judges, and DJs is a who's who of both established and rising stars within the global urban dance community. The event was always lauded with praise from attendees for its intertwining of the fabrics of Hip Hop.

When he wasn't putting in work organizing one of the culture’s most significant urban dance events in the world, Felix found the time to co-found Jam RepubliK, a global leader in dance studio networks. Felix has become a lightning rod for the urban dance community locally, regionally, and globally. This brings us to the topic of today - RepubliK - the world's first crypto-powered platform created to align the interests of users and creators.

Felix is the co-founder of the new platform, which is designed to reallocate value back to creators and participants via an equitable economic model using RAD Tokens - a digital cryptocurrency. Creators will be able to generate their own creator tokens on the platform. Fans and followers will then be able to purchase creator tokens in support of the artists that they follow. The system will be transparent, provide exposure for creators and allow users to discover new talent through the high-capacity digital performance platforms it's creating. Overall, RepubliK will allow content creators the opportunity to continue doing what they love while growing and developing their followers all while better sustaining themselves financially.

For more information on RepubliK you can check out their website and white paper here.