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ENDU recruits Indonesia’s top street dancers for ‘Go Mad’ video

B-Boying, krumping, Hip Hop & waacking are all represented

LiFTED | Winston West | 3 Sep 2021

When you think of Indonesia, you may picture Bali's blissed-out beaches or the urban metropolis of Jakarta, the tropical forests of Borneo or the volcanic peaks of East Java, but most people are unlikely to think of street dancers. With all the wonders to behold in the natural world in the nation of islands, it can be easy to understand why an outsider might overlook the country's rich street dance culture.

Luckily for us, Indonesian artist ENDU has put the street dancers front and center in his latest video for 'Go Mad.' Featured prominently in the video are Indonesia's queen of krumpin’ Suzy Bittner aka Lady Cannon, the scene’s prince of waacking Danzel of the O2 dance crew, and Jakarta's undisputed king of the B-Boy game in Kreate.

Kreate is a legend in his own, having built a name for himself up and down the East Coast of the USA in the late 1990s and early 2000s representing with the Lab Rats Crew from Washington to Miami. Since relocating to Jakarta, Kreate has been heavily involved in the scene organizing and judging events, schooling, raising the youth, and starting his own clothing brand, Urbain Inc.

Other featured dancers include Ufa Sofura, Sandree Ha, Rendy White, and Nadia Mulyono. Set to a red background and shifting camera angles, the video alternates between shots of ENDU and the collective of featured dancers. Each artist gets their moment to shine with Kreate getting the center stage at the two-minute mark.

Check out ENDU’s ‘Go Mad’ below.