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Rapper Namewee issues ‘official apology’ to Malaysian government before returning from Taiwan

He’s been wanted 3 times, had 8 cases against him, & been stopped at immigration over 80 times

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Mar 2021

For the past seven months, Malaysian rapper Namewee has been enjoying himself in Taiwan after coming for the Golden Melody Awards in July of 2020, where he was nominated with Dwagie for Song of the Year. A few days ago, Namewee posted a YouTube video that said he was planning on going back to Malaysia this week and he would turn himself in to the local authorities. He sarcastically apologized to the government for all the ills of society including racism, the poorly run education system, and the corrupt way the government handles finances.

In the video, he explains that he has been wanted by police three times, had eight cases recorded against him at the Malaysian police station, and been stopped at airport immigration more than 80 times for being a controversial artist.

In 2016, Namewee collaborated with the group 911 for a song called ‘Oh My God,’ which made fun of all religions. Islamic groups in Malaysia called the song blasphemy, but it racked up more than 25 million views. In 2018, police investigated Namewee for ‘Like a Dog,’ where he insulted the former Prime Minister of Malaysia for corruption. In 2020, Namewee made a video called ‘Babi,’ which means pig in Malaysian. The video showed an incident in 2000 that happened at a school that had hate speech and racial overtones.

In his latest video, Namewee bitingly suggests that he has been responsible for all of Malaysia’s problems. “When I woke up from sleep, I realized I was wrong these past 10 years and that I had brought a bad influence on the public and children,” Namewee said. “If I never existed, no one in this world would swear, nor even swear words would exist.” He goes on to talk about the police, the government, and the education system.

The Malaysian government has yet to respond, but we’re sure that Namewee will let us know what happens with his YouTube series.

Namewee’s video can be watched here.