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iQIYI cuts The Rap of China and replaces it with Generation Z Hip-Hop Project

Like in Hip Hop, it’s out with the old and in with the young

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 19 May 2021

When The Rap of China started, it was the first Chinese show to bring Hip Hop music to the mainstream all over China. Many underground Chinese rappers went on it and blew up and became household names. However, after being around for four seasons, iQIYI recently announced that it will no longer broadcast the show. Instead, it will be replaced with Generation Z Hip Hop Project.

Like a husband getting a divorce because of the younger pool boy, or most rappers [minus Jay-Z] not having a career after 35, Hip Hop is a young person’s game. While The Rap of China brought many people joy, the repetition of the game and the familiar faces of the judges gradually lost appeal to coveted younger audiences. This is why iQIYI decided to change from finding rap stars to developing Hip Hop careers in Generation Z Hip Hop Project.

Generation Z Hip-Hop Project is aimed at younger people in the Hip Hop field and requires contestants to be between the ages of 18 and 24. Taking notes from shows in South Korea like Show Me the Money or High School Rapper, producers can find teenagers who are eager to be rappers and transform them into Hip Hop superstars without having to deal with the egos of artists who are already established. Most people expect Generation Z Hip Hop Project to be just as popular as The Rap of China was and to produce more stars for years to come.