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Yayoi Daimon has an attitude fatty in LiFTED Lounge’s second single ‘Skinny Ninja’

She’s pushing her fans to be themselves

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Oct 2022

Yayoi Daimon has that quality that makes people get excited right from the jump. All over her Instagram, there are badgyals dancing on the tables, bars, and stages of venues. She’s the conductor whether she’s behind the DJ booth playing the tracks or front and center singing the songs.

On the second single from the LiFTED Lounge series, ‘Skinny Ninja,’ Yayoi starts off with her tagline, “I’m Daimon/Shine like a Diamond” and just goes off on the Twerk-infused Dancehall beat that digs its way into your brain in seconds. Soon, she’s chanting, “Wine up go down” over and over and there’s no way to sit down while listening.

In the end, Yayoi asks her female fans, “What do you want to be?” And as the beat drops she emphasizes that she doesn’t want any “plastic perfect bitches.” Instead, she wants everyone to just be themselves because anyone can be anything.

Check out LiFTED Lounge’s second single, Yayoi Daimon’s ‘Skinny Ninja’ below.