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BBoy Amir represents Kazakhstan by winning Red Bull BC One World Championship

BGirl Logistx dethrones 2X champ Kastet

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Nov 2021

In a first for Kazakhstan, hometown hero Bboy Amir defeated Canada’s Phil Wizard in the finals of the Red Bull BC One World Championship that was held at Ergo Arena in Gdańsk, Poland, on November 6. At the competition, the world’s best breakdancers from 18 countries went head-to-head live in the venue and in front of thousands of spectators online.

In response to his victory, Amir said, “I felt the power in my soul and in my mind – and I am glad that I could show that power here, on that stage.”

The BBoys weren’t the only ones representing this year as Red Bull BC One made history by having a full final of 16 BGirls for the first time. BGirl Logistx from the US took down two-time champion BGirl Kastet from Russia in the finals to win the world championship.

She said, “This is a dream. I literally envisioned this moment so many times. Red Bull BC One is something I’ve always wanted to win. I feel it's not just the belt, it’s not just the title, but what I am representing on the floor - the values and morals.”

If you missed it live, watch a replay of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2021 below.