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The Show Me the Money 10 producer cypher is out

Korea’s original Hip Hop reality show returns on October 1

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Sep 2021

Since it started in 2012, Show Me the Money has had a big effect on Hip Hop culture in South Korea. Hip Hop’s popularity has exploded and numerous MCs have become superstars from winning or performing on the show.

Each season, several Hip Hop producers join Show Me the Money and make some music for the rappers to flow on. In the past 10 years, 186 songs have been released from the shows and a few have even gone to number one.

With 1.7 billion accumulated views on YouTube, Show Me the Money is not only popular when it is broadcast on Mnet, but it gets eyeballs during rewatching. The video with the most views from Show Me the Money is ‘Season Six Producer Cypher,’ so you know they had to do another one for the show’s tenth anniversary.

First up is GRAY & MINO and it feels like a warm-up. GRAY taps his beat out as MINO gets it going and just about as the beat is about to break GRAY starts rapping. His Auto-Tuned flows are hot as he says, “I’ve got too many problems to fix with money.”

The next team up is Zion.T and Slom. Zion.T starts off by shredding some paper in an office and then Slom starts singing at a messy desk. Soon, the set turns into a mini disco as Zion.T gets on the keys and plays a funky beat. YUMDDA is up next as TOIL drops the beat. Hopefully, he’s saving all his good stuff for the show as this feels lackluster and rushed.

Finally, CODE KUNST and Gaeko are up and within seconds, it’s easy to tell who is the best in this producer cypher. CODE KUNST is already dancing before the music starts and as soon as Gaeko flows, it’s over. His Trap flows are top-notch and he ends his lyrical onslaught by proclaiming that he’s the greatest. He didn’t need to, though, because everyone in the cypher knew it already.

Starting on October 1, Show Me the Money returns and any contestants would be very lucky to join Team Gaeko and CODE KUNST.