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LEX & LANA make an anthem of empowerment & self-discovery on ‘Bright Room [明るい部屋]’

LEX hops into his Pop bag for the new single

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 22 Apr 2024

Brother-sister collaborations like Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA are a rare but always exciting prospect in music. LEX, the prodigious talent from the Shonan area of Kanagawa, Japan, known for his introspective lyrics and raw authenticity, takes a refreshing turn with his latest release, "Bright Room [明るい部屋]". Collaborating with his sister, LANA, LEX ventures into new sonic territory with this Pop-infused track, marking a departure from his usual dark and heavy Hip Hop sound.

While LEX has made a name for himself with his gritty aesthetic in the Japanese Hip Hop scene, "Bright Room" sees him embracing a more vibrant and melodic approach. Over Trap-influenced Pop production, LEX and LANA showcase their AutoTuned vocals and knack for crafting infectious melodies. It's a departure that offers listeners a glimpse into a brighter, more optimistic side of his artistry.

The track's title, "Bright Room", serves as a metaphor for finding solace and comfort amidst life's challenges. LEX and LANA's lyrics resonate with a sense of hope and resilience, encouraging listeners to rise above adversity and embrace the light within themselves. It's an anthem of empowerment and self-discovery.

The duo first collaborated on a LANA single in 2023, ‘FLAME’, a Trap banger that proved the siblings can Rap as well as they sing.

Accompanying "Bright Room" is a visually captivating video that complements the track's upbeat vibe. Set against the backdrop of an empty warehouse, LEX and LANA showcase their impeccable sense of style as they undergo a series of outfit changes, adding to the visual appeal of the song.

Check out the music video for LEX & LANA’s ‘Bright Room [明るい部屋]’ below.