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Accessorize your life with 88rising x YEENJOY STUDIO’s porcelain incense chamber

This collector’s item is limited to 300 pieces & comes with a graphic tee

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 13 May 2021

For the person who wants everything, 88rising is teaming up with the ceramicists at YEENJOY STUDIO for a special Double Dragon incense chamber. The media company is known for its high-profile Asian hip-hop artists such as Rich Brian, NIKI, and Higher Brothers, but has lately been expanding its creative scope. The Double Dragon incense chamber limited release is a collaboration with YEENJOY STUDIO founded in 2012 by Chinese artist YiRan AKA Yee. Their vision is to incorporate Chinese craftsmanship with street culture, presenting Chinese heritage and art alongside celebrated icons of modern pop culture.

This delicately crafted incense chamber comes with a full-color printed graphic tee and is limited to 300 pieces. The blue-tinted holder is inspired by the symbolic entrances found in Chinatowns across the USA. The chamber cuts an imposing figure with two serpentine dragons wrapped around the sides of its rectangular centerpiece. The Chinese characters, 雙龍會 meaning double dragon, are embellished along with 88risng’s logo and YEENJOY STUDIO. The incense can be placed in the chamber by removing the top from its base and replacing it once loaded. The smoke seeps out from holes in the top and sides of the chamber.

Add this 88risng x YEENJOY STUDIO ‘Double Dragon’ incense chamber to your homeware collection now here.