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Higher Brothers appear as surprise guests on the final date of Masiwei’s tour in Chengdu

The crowd went crazy because the show proved the Higher Brothers weren’t breaking up

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 5 May 2021

On April 24, Chinese Hip Hop star Masiwei did the final live performance of his Prince Charming concert tour in Chengdu, China. As surprise guests, the three other members of Higher Brothers rushed the stage and performed their masterpieces, ‘Empire,’ ‘Young Master’ and ‘Made in China’ together.

Recently, rumors have been floating sound on the internet that Higher Brothers are disbanding. The four members have not collaborated on music or performed together on stage for a long time, so many of their fans were worried the gossip was true.

As soon as all four members were on stage together, the reports of the group’s dissolution stopped. After the show, they posted pictures of all four of them together on their own social media accounts, proving that they still have a lot of love for each other.

As one of the most successful Hip Hop groups in China, the Higher Brothers have changed Chinese Hip Hop music for the better. They’ve proven that Hip Hip music in Chinese can tour throughout the United States. They’ve helped popularize Hip Hop music in a country that used to look down on it before they are around. While each individual member has had success, the Higher Brothers are definitely better together. Let’s hope for more music from all four of them soon.

from @masiwei's Instagram