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Barry Chen & E.So link up for the infectious ‘No Worry’

Afrobeats & Amapiano-like beats are going to be heating up Hip Hop in 2023

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 21 Feb 2023

Barry Chen is a shining star in Taiwan’s Hip Hop circuit. He’s been consistently pushing out brilliant releases since 2018, which includes the ten-track album LOW LIFE. It was produced by one of Hong Kong’s finest, Dough-Boy, who cites the body of work as his favorite album he has ever produced.

After a small break, Barry Chen has returned and is kicking off his 2023 with an absolute banger – a collaboration with one of Taiwan’s biggest rappers and someone who he has worked with a lot in the past, E.So. The collab ‘No Worry’ was produced by LIU KOI and Tipsy Kao and the track’s instrumentation dives into the realms of Amapiano and Afrobeats, which means sliding basslines, infectious piano melodies, and drum patterns that’ll keep you dancing until it gets warm out.

In an Instagram post by Warner Music Taiwan, Barry revealed that ‘No Worry’ was actually a demo that they both had worked on two years ago. Thankfully for listeners, it was never shelved and forgotten. A music video accompanied its release and features the duo in a hot spring resort – which is in line with Barry’s vision of the track, as he shared, “This is a travel song and needed to be launched at the right time. Also, for many people who have not had time to plan their holidays because they are busy at work, you can listen to this song and imagine it first.”

Barry also teased an upcoming album later this year that would see a shift in style and approach, saying, “I want to give my listeners a different sense of me, and the transformation and growth over the years, and try something different from the past.”

Check out Barry Chen and E.So's video for ‘No Worry’ below.