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Huh & Hash Swan tell us how they feel in ‘HDYF’

The two MCs team up for a hypnotic 3-minute ride

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Mar 2023

Huh has got it going on and it’s not just the tattoo on his face. In his latest single, ‘HDYF,’ the Korean MC goes off straight for two verses before letting Hash Swan take a crack at things. Over a mid-2000s beat with a big horn, both MCs show their skills in very different ways.

Huh brings a flavor that can only be described as hectic in the very best possible way. His lyrics have an urgency that isn’t heard as much in the days of slowed-down Trap. When Hash Swan gets on, he double-times the first few bars before settling into a laid-back drawl that contrasts Huh perfectly. His name, style, and lyrics are so dope, that he only drops a quick 8, but it leaves people wanting more for sure.

In the video, money is floating around like there’s no tomorrow. Like Huh’s lyrics, the pace is hurried and there’s a strobe light on everything. On the second verse, things get trippier as a filter makes everything wavy except Huh’s face.

After a few listens, Huh’s ‘HDYF’ really grows on ya. It’s smart in all the right places and hypnotic enough to warrant a lot of repeats.

Check out Huh and Hash Swan’s ‘HYDF’ below.