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Dabin drops second single under his new moniker ‘Tic Tac?’

The Korean MC formerly known as DPR Live is diving into new sound territories

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 10 Jan 2024

Last October, Dabin re-introduced himself to his listeners with a brand new moniker, stripping away from DPR Live completely. With it came CYTL, a label that he founded, and where his new music would be housed.

The rebirth of Dabin came via a single titled ‘Till I Live’, a declaration of a new era of his artistry. And now, he’s coming into 2024 with more Dabin material. On January 5, he dropped ‘Tic Tac?’, his second single under the new moniker. While the first single was an emotionally charged offering, ‘Tic Tac?’ sees the Korean MC kicking back and taking it down a notch.

A spacey instrumental takes center stage on the single, and Dabin sings through the track’s hook infectiously. He then switches it up as he rides through the track with a brilliant delivery of rhymes. For the sake of comparison, ‘Tic Tac?’ feels and sounds like something Kid Cudi would’ve released in the early 2010s. Dabin is tapping into different sound territories and we’re all here for it.

Check out Dabin’s ‘Tic Tac?’ below.