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I Know NIGO the book out early April

An archive of the Japanese designer’s various collabs

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Mar 2024

If there was ever a perfect cover for a book about NIGO, the Japanese streetwear designer who has been one of the most influential people in fashion for the past 20 years, it would include a duck with a crown riding on a dog with a gold chain on top of a flying carpet with a checkerboard on the bottom while ducks were flying around in the sky.

I Know NIGO follows the album of the same name that was released in 2022, and it comes out April 9. It details all the collabs he has done with various artists over the years and has a forward by Pharrell. According to the description, “The book is a visual record of the material culture generated by these partnerships. These collaborative goods—in limited quantities, emblazoned with logos and slogans—are a vital part of why NIGO’s designs are so sought after. The same maximalist philosophy is employed in the design of the book, with original character art and all-over graphics integral to the visual narrative.”

NIGO is a legend and his work is appreciated all over the globe. I Know NIGO the book is a great one for anyone’s bookshelf.

I Know NIGO can be ordered here.