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VIBE URBAN ASIA STORIES: Young Dragon and YZ get dark and distorted on this collab

Blue Face - YOUNG DRAGON feat. YZ

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 1 Jul 2021

Young Dragon burst onto the scene in 2018 when MIGOS called his performance ‘too turnt’ at the Rap of China USA in Los Angeles. The top 10 finisher has gone on to release a string of singles and establish himself as one of the dopest Chinese MCs on the scene. The LA-based rapper was born in China and moved to the US at age 15 – so he easily straddles both worlds and can rhyme bi-lingually. ‘Blue Faces’ [Hundred dollar bills] is a hard 2 minutes of pure fire that features Dragon and Taiwan OG YZ trading bars over a distorted guitar riff that could be from a Kung Fu movie or a Spaghetti Western. This track is dark and DIY sounding, and that’s why it works.

Listen to 'Blue Face' by Young Dragon feat. YZ below.