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Badshah & his crew roll up with tanks on ‘Daaku'

The Indian Hip Hop star ain’t playing around

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 28 Feb 2024

Badshah is one of India’s many Hip Hop giants, and he has been in the country’s spotlight for more than 10 years. He’s as multi-hyphenate as multi-hyphenate gets; beyond spitting bars, he also produces music and dabbles his wares in the film and fashion circuit.

On February 22, he dropped his newest single ‘Daaku’ via Universal Music India. The production on the track brings about a minimal touch, with a driving bassline that leads the entire groove of it. Badshah rides the beat in a seamless manner, dropping his verses through a controlled, yet completely dominating approach.

While other rappers might flex sportscars and all their chains in a music video, Badshah takes it all up a notch. Not only does he and his crew roll up in G-Wagons they also roll up in tanks. Yes, tanks. If anyone has half a mind to cross them, they’ll definitely be thinking twice.

Check out the video for Badshah’s ‘Daaku’ below.