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RECKLE$$ flaunt their ‘MODUS OPERANDI’ with a Drill heater

The Singaporean collective doesn’t hold back

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 4 Dec 2023

Some people may move recklessly in life, but there are only five MCs who are RECKLE$$; MEX.Jr, $YAFIQ K, Miikothe13th, Afik Blaze, and $LICE. They’re a Hip Hop collective who hails from Singapore, and their rhymes aren’t to be taken lightly.

On December 1, RECKLE$$ dropped their first single of 2023, ‘MODUS OPERANDI, and it’s an outright Drill heater. MEX.Jr opens the track up with its hook before transitioning to his verse, setting the pace for the rest of the outfit to follow suit. $YAFIQ K takes it up a notch during his verse, spitting his bars in both Malay and English.

Miikothe13th delivers a controlled 16, riding through the beat with a composed swagger, a fashion that Afik Blaze carries as well for his verse, dropping his rhymes with no hesitation. The baton is then passed to $LICE, who caps the track off with arguably the best verse on ‘MODUS OPERANDI’.

A music video accompanied the track’s release, which features the RECKLE$$ crew outside Thian Hock Keng, one of the oldest temples in Singapore.

Check it out RECKLE$$ ‘MODUS OPERANDI’ below.