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BBoy Quake & BGirl Jia Li win Red Bull Taiwan’s BC One 2023

The 2 winners head to Paris for the BC One World finals in October

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Apr 2023

Breakdancing is having its moment in the sun right now. We are only about a year and some change from the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France, and the introduction of breakdancing as an Olympic sport. Whoever competes will automatically become a legend in their country, and whoever wins the first breaking contests in the Olympics will have their names etched in the history books forever. Needless to say, Bboys and Bgirls around the globe are trying to find a way to make the Olympic team from their home countries.

Enter Bboy Quake of Taiwan. He won the Red Bull BC One in 2021 and then last Saturday, April 22, he repeated and won the men’s division. If he’s not heading to the Olympics with his two-out-of-three-years victory in the biggest Bboy competition in Taiwan, then I don’t know who else should be.

On the female side, Jia Li came out victorious over Sofia in a close and entertaining battle. One of the coolest things about these huge battles is to see the humanity in the small things. After Jia Li won, she took the trophy to her dad, who was in the hospital, so they could celebrate together.

Check out some of the shots from Bei City Productions and Spinning Photographer, and watch the Livestream on YouTube below.