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Pyra’s feminist Asian anthem ‘yellow fever’ smacks down inequality with help from Ramengvrl & YAYOI DAIMON

1 part therapy, 1 part healing session & all the way dope

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Mar 2021

“So, are you a ladyboy?”

This culturally insensitive question is asked to Pyra by a “friend” who was a first-time visitor to Thailand and gassed her up so much that she went and wrote 2021’s feminist anthem of the year ‘yellow fever’. Then she recruited Indonesia’s Ramengvrl and Japan’s YAYOI DAIMON to hop on the track with her.

“Not all Thai women are ladyboys. But even if I am a ladyboy, that should be respected. It's my body, my choice, and I shouldn’t be a victim of harassment,” Pyra said to LiFTED.

‘yellow fever’ is an anthem for right now. It’s trap meets rock meets the apocalypse that takes on the disgusting ways men fetishize Asian females. “Some men travel to Thailand for happy endings in Soi Cowboy. Some men travel to Tokyo hoping to end up in some Shinjuku love hotels with Japanese girls they saw on Pornhub,” Pyra continued.

“Yet the first thing they say to local girls is ‘Ni Hao.’ The fetishizism of Asian bodies and cultural insensitivity is high. Asian women are often seen as submissive and I want to change that. So many women are leaders, CEOs, and business owners now. People have to refresh their stereotypical imagery that they have in their heads.”

Pyra wanted some female Asian ass kickers to collaborate for this song and she got them. “They had to have the same level of guts to talk about real shit that matters with no filter,” she said, speaking of Ramengvrl and YAYOI DAIMON. “We don't fit in the stereotypical Asian female mold of being this ‘submissive’ cutie. Ramengvrl is so bold and outspoken. YAYOI DAIMON is a self-proclaimed Asian feminist. She's been writing music about feminism and women empowerment for years.”

Part therapy, part healing session, and all the way dope, ‘yellow fever’ feels like a symbolic kick in the dick just to let you know the ladies are here and it is finally time to give them their long-overdue respect.

“We say what we think. We know what we want. We’re bold and fearless. We are absolute powerhouses for this. And our time is now.”

Listen to ‘yellow fever’ by Pyra featuring YAYOI DAIMON and Ramengvrl below.