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RAMENGVRL puts the pedal to the metal with ‘Aint No MF’

South Korea’s pH-1 joins the girl boss for a lyrical drag race

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 15 Oct 2021

LiFTED’s September cover star RAMENGVRL has topped herself again. Following her last release, ‘I Am Ugly’ in September, the Indonesian girl boss is burning out in the streets, as she has recruited South Korea’s pH-1 for her new track ‘Ain’t No MF.’

The song, produced by Aweigh, starts with some East-Asian strings before breaking into RAMENGVRL’s first words - “Ain’t no motherfu*ker like me” - which is the hook, so we know we’re in for a treat. RAMENGVRL goes all-in with her usual veracity and dark humor. pH-1 chimes in midsong, and his straightforward attitude meshes well with RAMENGVRL’s DGAF style. ‘Ain’t No MF’ is a combo you never knew you wanted but are damn glad it happened.

With a great track comes a great music video. ‘Ain’t No MF’ delivers a robust action-packed music video where RAMENGVRL is dressed up in the hottest motocross looks while street racers bust burnouts and wheelies with style. pH-1 beams in from Korea, but he’s chilling with in, on, and around an old-school BMW to keep the vibe right. The song and video are great reminders that there is no one like RAMENGVRL and pH-1 in the Asian Hip Hop scene.

Check out RAMERGVRL featuring pH-1’s ‘Ain’t No MF’ below.