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Solo tracks from MJ116 members 瘦子E.So & 大淵MUTA celebrate frontline workers

The Taiwanese Hip Hoppers show love to delivery drivers & healthcare workers

LiFTED | Ciaran Dwyer | 9 Jul 2021

The pandemic has finally reached Taiwan in a big way and everyone on the island is feeling what the rest of the world has been feeling for the past year and half - claustrophobic, frustrated and exhausted. 瘦子E.So and 大淵MUTA, members of the Taiwanese superstar Hip Hop group MJ116, have each released a solo track this week with a video showing some love to those hit hardest by the pandemic - frontline workers in hospitals and delivery drivers.

瘦子E.So’s track, ‘太陽When The Cloudless Day Comes’, is a little bit of a departure from his harder Hip Hop work because it is a poppy tune that aims appeal to a majority of listeners. He gently laments the days lost and the struggle to get by through the near-lockdown measures placed on Taiwan, as well as the loneliness felt and the stress of knowing people are working closely with a dangerous disease to keep the rest of us safe.

瘦子E.So has had his own rollercoaster of emotions this year. He was nominated for three Golden Melody Awards - Song of the Year, Lyricist of the Year for ‘Bo Fu’, and Best Mandarin Male Singer. Unfortunately, he won’t get to find out the results for some time as the ceremony has been postponed indefinitely as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

大淵MUTA has been on a tear recently releasing video after video for his album Phat Life. This track, ‘苦天樂Bittersweet Rap Song’, features MC HotDog熱狗 and pops a funky beat as he describes the bitter harshness of life during a semi-lockdown. The video shows delivery drivers around the island going about their business despite the pandemic. While some people get to chill at home and limit their contact with people, Taiwan’s delivery drivers enable that to happen while putting themselves at risk every day.

For most of the pandemic, Taiwan has managed to remain largely unburdened by cases or measures such as lockdowns. However, since May, a semi-lockdown of public life has been instituted across the island. Everyone is feeling the pressure of the restrictions, but a general thread of positivity amongst the island people has kept spirits up. These videos from the superstars of MJ116 show a great example of the Taiwanese spirit.