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Superstar Hip Hop group 頑童MJ116 reunites after 3-year break to release new track ‘Sweet Baby'

One drink of Jim Beam can turn you into a rapper

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 3 May 2021

In 2019, Taiwanese Hip Hop supergroup 頑童MJ116 announced that all three members would go solo, but the group promised they wouldn’t be disbanding. Three years later, they kept their word and released ‘Sweet Baby’ on April 30.

頑童MJ116’s music has a very distinctive feel to it. If you heard this song on the radio and didn’t know who it was, your first guess would be MJ116. This is because all three of the members have their own unmistakable sound. Also, their chemistry is tight since they grew up together and have been life-long friends.

In the video for ‘Sweet Baby,’ which doubles as a long-form commercial to sell their limited-edition Jim Beam Graffiti Mini Bar, a normal guy morphs into E.SO at a party as soon as he takes a drink of bourbon. Kenzy and E.SO are up first as they get their verses in while dancing along with all the hottest girls at the party. 大淵MUTA, hot off the heels of his two-million views and counting single ‘FatBoyGang,’ plays clean up on the track. His deep voice and self-deprecating sense of humor are on full display as he wraps the party up with his verse.

As of press time, there has been no word if this is a one-off single or the start of a proper reunion with a tour and new album. LiFTED will keep you posted.

Watch 頑童MJ116’s ‘Sweet Baby’ below.