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MILLI takes it to the Thai countryside with legend Arpaporn Nakornsawan on ‘HEY HEY’

The Thai rapper celebrated the ending of Songkran with a wet performance

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Apr 2024

With Beyonce stepping into Country music lane and crushing the competition, it’s only right that other artists follow along. Thailand’s MILLI has collabed with Arpaporn Nakornsawan, a Thai Country singer, for ‘HEY HEY,’ a melange of Trap and Luk Thung music, which is Thailand’s version of Country.

With a clever mix of old and new on the beat from SpatChies, MILLI comes out firing as she orders people to put their hands up and shake their booties. The song sounds like something that would be played at day or night markets to try and attract customers of all ages. The video is shot at a frantic pace and shows how the countryside of Thailand gets fancy with it.

To push her song to the masses, MILLI engaged in a show to end Songkran last week. Since this was the festival of water guns, MILLI got soaked while performing to the masses in the streets but had a fun time doing it.

Check out MILLI’s ‘HEY HEY’ featuring Arpaporn Nakornsawan below.